Chronic Pain Management in Fort Mill

When traditional chronic pain treatments have failed, Ketamine might be your answer.

We want you to know that there is pure medical science and research behind the Ketamine treatments being offered by Dérive Health. Our clinic medical directors firmly believe in and support the patient research and clinical results that are being seen every week. Yes, results will vary for each patient.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine has been safely used for decades as a sedation for surgery. During the last decade, ketamine has shown to be a groundbreaking treatment for chronic pain. As the reason for its great success is not yet known, it’s thought to reset the brain restoring neurotransmitter function and improve mood and energy. Ketamine for chronic pain works fast and can be very effective.

The dose of ketamine we use in your personal IV infusion is small and will not cause you to go to sleep. Your weight, height and the severity of your chronic pain are taken into account as each infusion is customized just for you. Click here to learn more about ketamine and how it can help you.

Referral and continued care from a psychiatrist or PCP are required for this treatment.

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